About JCL's Net Utilities

Site History

Launched in late 1998 by Jason Schanker, JCL's Netutilities didn't have any use until the beginning of 2000 when the first utility (Form Mail) was activated to kick off the new millenium. After Y2K's threat to crash computer systems was thwarted by the many precautions and prepearation taken by almost anyone with a business online, Netutilities pumped out two more utilities (polls and counters). In May 2000, the Netutilities' site was updated and put on search engines. In middle to late July 2001, a whole number of utilities were introduced to the site. These new programs allow Netutilities members to set up unlimited web site stats, chat rooms, server-side imagemaps, guestbooks, mailing lists, and search engines.

What JCL's Netutilities Can Do For You/Registration Process

Netutilities.com provides you with unlimited counters, polls, web site stats, chat rooms, server-side imagemaps, guestbooks, mailing lists, search engines, and complete access to the formmail program, password generator, form generator, server-side imagemap generator, and members' page with a one - time registration. Once you register for Netutilities.com by filling out a short form, your site will be reviewed. If it is acceptable (A site is deemed acceptable if it does not contain material that the staff at Netutilities.com regards as content that may be offensive to other people.), you will receive an e - mail within a week with your login name, password, and some information. Your username and password will allow you to login and access tools that will help you create your customized utilities.

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