About Chat Rooms At Netutilities.com

Creating Chat Rooms

To create a chat room, simply go to the Member page located at http://www.netutilities.com/members, and enter the name of the chat room under the heading with text, "Chat Rooms". Then hit "Create My Chat Room!", and your chat room will be available. Next, just cut and paste the code that will be provided to you, in the source code of your web page.

Entering Your Chat Room

Follow the link provided to you after creating your chat room. Then register for your chat room by filling out the form on the right. After you have filled out the form. hit the back button, and login using the form on your left. If you enter your username/password that you signed up with correctly, you will enter your chat room. If not, you will be taken to a page telling you that you have entered an invalid password. You can keep entering it until you get it right.

What You'll Get

The code that you put on your page will provide a link to your chat room login. Your chat room will come complete with colorful emoticons (faces showing various emotions) and limited HTML commands such as those that allow for links, font color changes, and font style changes. (The commands that activate these HTML commands are different in appearance though.) Your chat room will also contain a link to logout. Logins and logouts are handled with cookies (small text documents stored on visitors' computers). Visitors will be able to sign up for your chat room using the small registration form located on the login page. After successfully registering, they will instantly gain access to all of your chat rooms and can get their username/password mailed to them if they ever forget it. (The form prompting the user for his/her e-mail address to do this will appear if the user enters invalid login information). The chat room itself displays messages 10 at a time and stores up to 500 messages before deleting the earliest ones. However, only the ones that are posted after a user enters will be displayed.


If you have any problems with one of your chat rooms, the error message that is displayed should provide adequate information about the nature of the problem. If you receive an error that says that some file/folder cannot be opened/created/written to, please inform webmaster@netutilities.com of the file/folder that cannot be opened. If the error says that no webmaster/chat room name was supplied upon attempted access of the login page, make sure that the link to your chat room has ?webmaster=login&room=room_name at the end of the URL. Please note that the login page and the chat room will not load up without these parameters at the end of the URL. In addition, chat rooms cannot be accessed without going through the login page first. Therefore, you cannot just enter http://chat.netutilities.com/?webmaster=login&url=id without logging in first. The other errors should be able to be solved by actually creating the chat rooms, which are case sensitive. (e.g. Chat will not enter the chat room, chat.)

If this troubleshooting paragraph does not solve your problem, please contact support@netutilities.com.

The following is a sample of the link that you will receive after putting the chat room code on your page. (The link takes you to an active sample chat room.):

Please click here to register/login to my chat room.

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