About Counters At Netutilities.com

The free counters given away at Netutilities are visitor counters meaning that multiple reloads by the same person do not change the counter number displayed. To do this, the counter stores the IP address of the last person who accesses it, and does not increment its number unless the IP address is different from the one stored. This measure prevents inflated hits. However, if you want to make it look like you have more people coming to your page then you actually do, you have the power to do so (although Netutilities doesn't recommend it; you'll feel better when you actually get the number of visitors read on the counter) by creating a counter with a start count greater than 0 or editing an existing counter's number. There isn't a limit to the number of counters you can create and creating and editing counters is simple. Just go to http://www.netutilities.com/members and login with your username and password. Then go down to the part of the page that says "Counters" and fill in the information required for "Create A Counter" if you want to create one or "Edit An Existing Counter" if you want to change the count of an existing one (both just ask for two pieces of information, a name and a count). Hit the "Make My Counter!" or "Edit My Counter!" button depending upon which you wanted to do and cut and paste the HTML code that's provided to you between the two lines under "Counter Code:". That's it. After you paste the code into your HTML document, you will receive a black and white X Bitmap image (.xbm extension) with dimensions (the product of 16 and the number of digits the counter is) X 30 pixels. When you do this, you'll get a counter on your page that looks something like the one below (the one directly below is not functional):


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