About Polls At Netutilties.com

Polls allow you to survey the opinions of the people who visit your web site. At Netutilities.com, you can obtain as many of these as you want for free. Creating and editing polls is easy and can be accomplished by following the link on the Members Page at http://members.netutilities.com. After following the link, you will be taken to a page that will guide you through the process of customizing these polls to fit your needs. You can provide your poll with as many choices as you see fit and select the color that the bar representing the percentage of people who picked it will be. You will also be able to select the border color and text color for the title. You will even be able to give one of the choices a head start by starting it with more than zero votes (I wouldn't recommend it though because the poll is supposed to be for surveying your visitors' views). To prevent your visitors from distorting the views of people who check out your web site by inflating the number of votes that their choices receive, the poll program has been enhanced with a few features. One of these features that prevents multiple voting is supplying your visitor with a cookie that will "let the poll know" if someone's attempting to vote more than once. If the person does not have cookies, he/she will not be allowed to vote. As an added precaution, the poll program collects and stores the IP address of the last person who voted and will not allow that IP address to vote again before another person does. This will prevent someone from voting repeatedly in one sitting. An active sample is shown to the right of this information.-->

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