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Creating Web Site Stats

To create web site stats for any page, simply go to JCL's Netutilities Web Tracker Central located at http://www.netutilities.com/members/stats.cgi, and select one of the sites you registered with from the pull-down menu. Then hit "Do It!", and your stats will be activated within an hour of your creating of them. Then just cut and paste the code that will be provided to you in the source code of your web page.

Reviewing Your Web Site Stats

Follow the same instructions for creating web site stats except this time use the pull - down menu for display stats. Your stats will be shown almost immediately.

What You'll Get

The code that you put on your page will result in an image with a button containing a running cheetah that say "Success" in the lower right-hand corner. (If you receive a static cheetah, one that is not moving, stats are not being gotten on your visitors. For more information on these errors, please review the next section.) When you review your stats, you will find out how many times your site(s) containing the stats code were accessed. They will be broken down into hourly stats (from yesterday and today), daily stats (from today and up to 998 days back), weekly stats (current week and up to 148 previous weeks), monthly stats, and yearly stats. In addition, you will find out the most common URLs accessed from your pages with the stats code and the most common browsers/opearting systems used to access these pages (up to 2000 will be listed). You will be able to control how many days, weeks, browsers/operating systems, and urls will be listed by entering the number in a input field and hitting the button, "Get The Stats!" You will be informed of the quantity of these stats that are available. In addition, you can find out information on your past 500 visitors, by selecting one of the sites located next to "See Visitor Info." Here you can check the IP addresses of your visitors, the time they visited both in their timezone and yours, the browser/operating system they used to view your site, and the url that they accessed.


There are 4 possible errors that can be displayed on your running cheetah image. Below are the number codes and descriptions of these errors:

Error 204: No webmaster/url number is supplied. If you receive this error, check to make sure you have ?webmaster=login&url=id at the end of the image location.
Error 401:: No stats have been set up. Please follow the directions for setting up stats in the first section.
Error 404: Stats have not been set up for the url with the identification number that you supplied. Check to make sure that the url identification number is correct. The url identification number is equal to 1 for the first site that you signed up with, 2 for the second site, etc.
Error 500: One of your stats files cannot be opened. Please contact webmaster@netutilities.com for this problem.

If you have problems loading up your stats, please inform webmaster@netutilities.com of the file that cannot be opened. (The error message you receive will tell you the name of this file.)

The following is a sample of the image and link that you will receive after putting the stats code on your page:

Web Tracker
Your Presence Here Has Been Recorded

Sample Of Stats Display
Sample Of Visitor Display

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